Collaborative lifestyle for beginners

Have you heard about collaborative consumption?  What about the sharing economy? A quick google search will show you there are countless examples and interpretations of these concepts.

It’s striking to see how these relatively new ideas can already appear so overwhelming. In any case, we believe you’re always on time to start learning about them, and hopefully after reading this you’ll want to get involved in take part in the conversation.

In short, collaborative consumption is a socio-economic system driven by network technologies. These technologies enable the sharing and exchange of material or social assets on an unprecedented scale.

Collaborative consumption already introduced indisputable changes in the way we build our online relationships, and that is bringing in a change to how we get things done in our offline lives too.

Every time we use the online as springboard to achieve goals offline, we get yet another proof of how network technologies have a potential to positively disrupt relations of power, influence and trust.

With new lifestyles being enabled through this system, we are starting to witness the onset of what experts now refer to as the sharing economy.

This is to say that the innovations in communication are contributing to wake us up to the notion that hyper consumption is like a house of cards – it leads us to unsustainable lifestyles, and can potentially be the root of stress, anxiety, negativity or even social isolation.

The sharing economy could be just the right antidote for that, as it promotes a more responsible lifestyle, with more rational patterns of spending and consumption, encouraging sharing and trust. Ultimately, it renews a spirit of community which we’re all naturally wired to favour.

Adding to all this, the system is bound to become increasingly efficient, as more of us start getting involved. After all, it feeds on the strength of the communities all of us can form.

Once you start digging in on these concepts, you may be positively surprised to learn communities can take the most unexpected forms. The healthiest ones being those where members do what they can with what they have and where they are.

Why not take a chance to help empower your community? If you don’t let your friends be strangers, you’ll quickly see how simple actions can get you amazing reactions.

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