What we’re learning with you

We’d like to keep you up to date on Fajoya’s progress, so today we thought we’d share some what we’ve been learning with our inspiring new users. Over the past few weeks we’ve been positively surprised to see so many new users in India. So far, they’ve helped us confirm the idea that we now live in a world where authority driven models are outdated, and where we can only gain from a good transition to new network layouts.
Living in a much smaller world means that our behaviour can affect many more people than previously, almost independently of their location. If distance is virtually disappearing, we are all going from being interconnected to being interdependent.
Interdependency is a personal relationship, and the future is bound to be about whatever makes us rise or fall together. Instead of falling into fears and anxieties over our new settings, we all need to come up with the kind of responses that are based on shared human values and moral frameworks. In other words, our relationship with new users is helping us understand that relationships are in fact what needs to be placed at the centre of our lives today. Now competitive advantage has shifted to behaviour, and the ability to create value now comes from how we handle relationships.
Ensuring our relationships are marked by good rapport and positive engagement implies keeping in mind that inspiration doesn’t happen to us, it happens in us and in the community of people we establish relationships with. So, more than ever, our journeys are about taking the first step and letting the rest take care of itself, as we relate to one another.

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