Bring collaboration to work

Hopefully this week started out well for you. As you get on with your work tasks, we thought you might like a quick reminder on how you can make your work place a more collaborative environment. In fact, according to Jacob Morgan, author of Amazon bestseller “The Collaborative Organization”, you may find that there are good reasons to believe collaboration is THE option, rather than just an option.
To get the ball rolling, we’ve summarised Morgan’s guidelines on why and how to collaborate in the work place. Hopefully you’ll find them as inspiring as we did.

1. Understand that individual benefit is just as important as corporate benefit, if not more so. After all, any work place will is bound to become a saner place if co-workers remember that empowering and supporting can lead to much more than policing and enforcing.

2. Think collectively about your strategies before you think of your technology. The most effective way to reach your company’s goals could be to start by figuring out what makes those goals relevant and why you want to achieve them.

3. Listen to your co-workers! Learn what makes them move, what they’re passionate about, and take time to share your thoughts with them as well. If you become aware of all the diverse motivations that already exist in your around you, you’ll probably be on to an increase in productivity, and quite possibly a better work-life balance.

4. Have a readiness to integrate into the work flow. If you’re not on-board with whatever’s going on in your company, how should you expect that of your co-workers? Start to cultivate quality of presence at work, by being attentive, alert and available to discuss any questions that pop up.

5. Be ready to adapt to changing processes and new challenges. Collaborating with co-workers to tackle the quick dynamics that mark your work environment will turn work into a less stressful and more enjoyable space for all.

6. Remember that ultimately, your customers will benefit from your collaborating with co-workers. After all, it will help you provide faster and more accurate responses. It will also allow you to create a repository of knowledge for dealing with reoccuring issues, and come up with more effective ways to integrate customer feedback into your overall strategy.

6 habits of highly empathic people

Along with mindfulness, empathy is another word that’s currently marks different areas of culture.

Backed up by new findings in the fields of neurobiology, sociology and psychology, many authors and scholars now defend that our species thrives more by being homo empathicus than homo economicus.

It’s now clear that we’ve moved on from the 20thcentury age of self-reflection and self-involvement. We’re at the beginning of what cultural historian Roman Krznaric calls the age of outrospection, which will be marked by the rise of collaborative and empathic living.

Being the object of empathy can bring positivity into your life, but practicing it is bound to empower you to collaborate more, get a better feel of your community and do more good. With that in mind, we’ve made a summary of what Krznaric calls the six habits of highly empathic people, and we hope you’ll be as inspired by it as we are.


1 – Be curious about those who surround you – take time to get to know your community and what matters most to them.

2 – Cut with prejudices by discovering the points you have in common with others.

3 – For perspective, try putting yourself on someone else’s shoes.

4 – Cultivate the joy of conversation and active listening.

5 – Share the positive with your friends to inspire good changes in your community.

6 – Don’t be afraid to get creative


It may seem like too much if you take it all in one go, but if you take one step at a time you might start to notice meaningful changes take place.