Why we built Fajoya

Remember the last time you were asked for directions in your neighbourhood.  And now think,  how did it feel when you were able to send them in the right direction?  If your answer is “it felt good” then Fajoya was made for and because of you.

It didn’t feel good because you finally found your inner tour guide – it felt good because you helped someone.  For our friends we often become tour guides, babysitters, movers, head-hunters, therapists, hotels and personal shoppers.  We do these things because we care, yes, but also because we enjoy it and because we can.

Each of us is connected to our own personal community – our virtual village if you like – in relevant ways that were impossible ten years ago. Facebook allows us to feel closer with our friends as individuals, groups or all at once.  LinkedIn puts our professional contacts and our degrees of connection at our fingertips. Twitter allows us to follow and participate in a global social chatter that spans the sublime to the ridiculous.  WhatsApp, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest – everyday more networks open that allow us to touch and connect with our growing  personal community.

We wanted to boost goodwill in these networks by creating an app that reaches all of their audiences – all of the people who care enough to give their attention – for the specific purpose of being good to each other.  Fajoya creates a network-independent personal channel dedicated to the pursuit of being a better person.

If doing good feels good to you then Fajoya will make it easier.  We want to help you make a difference in your friends lives.